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Spring Time Point Explosion!
3/20/2014 ~ 4/1/2014

Celebrating, the season of renewal, Spring with all our WarpPortal friends. This celebration will be from March 20th, through 7pm April 1st we will give 5% more game Points when you convert your WarpPortal Energy!

Also all the games may have special events to for an extra wonderful time!

Go to the Power-UP page after logging in and enjoy the event!

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20% MORE-vember!
10/31/2013 ~ 10/31/2013

As a bonus for converting WarpPortal Energy into game points, you usually get a 5% bonus for your first conversion of the month. Last month we had a promotion that was scheduled to end at the end of the October that boosts the first conversion bonus.

It's been popular enough to extend for a few more days over the early November weekend! We have more items coming to the item shops in November, so you should stock up on game points now and get a huge conversion bonus! The event comes to an end on Monday, November 4th.

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Bewitched Bonus Subscription time when you convert your Warp Portal Energy!
10/24/2013 ~ 10/24/2013

During the month of October there are tons of exiting events and promotions going on. Prankish spirits have cast a strange spell over our Warpportal page, giving a bonus 7 days of subscription time when you convert at least 500 WPE into game points! This qualifying period for this promotion is from Tuesday 10/22 until Monday 11/4.

A game account can receive this bonus once during this promotion. If you are already subscribed it will get added on to the end of your VIP time. The subscription will be added to eligible accounts on Fridays and Tuesdays.

ROSE, Ragnarok 2, Ragnarok 1, and Requiem: Memento Mori (hm, that's a lot of R games!) are participating in the event, so please go to the individual pages for game-specific details of this promotion.

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Bewitched Bonus VIP time Event!
10/22/2013 ~ 11/4/2013
Bonus point promo!

Bewitched Bonus VIP time when you convert your Warp Portal Energy!

During the month of October there are tons of exiting events and promotions going on, celebrating the creatures of your Game.

From Tuesday 10/22 until Monday 11/4, when you convert at least 500 WPE into Kafra points in a single transaction, you will get 7 days of VIP time added to that account!

Only one VIP bonus per account, the VIP time is added on the following Tuesdays and Fridays after the conversion is made. In addition each of our WarpPortal titles may have a special extra bonus as well!

Don't Forget to play in our Halloween events too!
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20% Bonus Points for your 1st Conversion!
10/1/2013 ~ 11/1/2013
As an exciting bonus for October we are giving 20% bonus points for your first conversion.

An example of this is normally when you convert 900 WP -> Game points you will get a special 1 time per month bonus of 5% to the points giving you 945; in October we are giving 20% so you would get 1080 game points! This bonus does stack with the normal conversion tiers as well, so if you convert at the highest tier you will get 40% bonus points!

This is a great time to convert big and and get a BIG bonus to get more value out of your WarpPortal Energy!

In November the bonus returns to 5%!
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Paying it Forward into October!
9/23/2013 ~ 10/1/2013

To give you all a little extra benefit in October we are going to run the Paying it Forward event from September 23 ~ September 30th! Any points you spend in-game during that time will have 30% of the points given back to you by October 4th!

So if you spend 2000 points on your Ragnarok 2 account during the event, you'll get 600 game points given back to that same game account in October so you can get more stuff!

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